INEOS is Committed to the Recycling of Plastic Waste

May 12, 2020


In the Fall 2019 edition of Technology Horizons, we noted that recycling projects are on the rise. An important development here is the recycling of plastic waste.

As one of the world’s leading chemical companies, INEOS is actively working in this field of eliminating plastic waste and reuse of the resources. Zeton is proud to have contributed to the engineering and modular fabrication of INEOS’ advanced polymer pilot plant located in Rosignano, Italy.

This pilot plant will help to develop and produce advanced products which will incorporate plastic waste diverted away from landfill or incineration. One example of the many products its polymer output will develop is lightweight car parts.

An important characteristic of this pilot plant, which is self-evident in the photograph, is that it is supplied as part of a fully-integrated process plant building, which is designed and constructed in a completely modular way. In addition to all the main process unit operations, it contains the same facilities that you would find in a traditional stick-built building, i.e. (fire) safety systems, HVAC, utility networks, overhead cranes, electrical room, etc.

Together with INOES, Zeton committed to a very challenging schedule, where both parties did their utmost to achieve success. Everything was perfectly on schedule, until final transportation unexpectedly challenged the team. By responding quickly, and with intensive collaboration between the INEOS and Zeton project teams, we were able to overcome this ’roadblock’, and complete the project two weeks earlier than originally scheduled.

We are grateful for the positive feedback we received from the INEOS team, and for the experience of sharing a successful project together!

Initially, when we began to work together, I wondered if I was being naïve to be so confident in accepting what you said you would do “as a matter of fact.”  However; I soon realized that your mode of operation and confidence in your team ability was “no brag, just fact.” Really nice job guys.’  Steven Luyten, Project Manager.