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Creative plans and flawless execution.

Development challenges can be difficult to overcome and finding effective solutions can mean the difference in competitive industries such as the bioenergy and biofuels sector. With a history of creative plans and flawless execution to conquer hurdles in process technology, Zeton has over 30 years’ experience as a world leader in the design and fabrication of bioenergy/biofuels pilot plants, lab scale systems, demonstration and modular production plants.

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“… Thank you for the wonderful job you did on the small solids feeder we are using in our MBU pilot plant. [This feeder] has enabled us to verify that the process works as planned …”

(Gas Technology Institute, USA)



Our full suite of pilot plant and engineering solutions allows us to deliver scale-specific projects with design, procurement and fabrication executed in parallel – compressing the overall project schedule and maximizing cost-efficiency with our unique project methodology.

Your intellectual property is protected as our engineers optimize the design and build of your project, allowing you to take your process technology to market sooner.

Zeton’s “engineered thinking”, unparalleled experience and leading expertise have driven over 800 pilot plant and other fully scalable projects to meet or exceed customer expectations throughout some of the most demanding industries in today’s technology.

Zeton is proud to have delivered successful projects to a range of customers, from niche technology providers to multinational corporations. Some of our Bioenergy and biofuels industry clients have included:

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Demonstration Plants

Pilot Plants

Lab Scale Systems

Production Plants



Successfully delivering a process technology project requires understanding the holistic nature of pilot plants and process scale up – the ability to seamlessly execute all components needed throughout the process. We aim to provide you a custom plant and project flexibility while working within your industry’s unique needs, as well as your specifications and timeline. Zeton has completed projects in the bioenergy and biofuels sector including:

  • Biodiesel production plant
  • Biomass gasification facility
  • Biomass pyrolysis to liquid fuels plant
  • Biomass to ethanol demonstration plant
  • Biomass to food additives pyrolysis production plants
  • Pilot plants and demonstration plants for novel biomass conversion technology
  • Several biomass catalytic converter pilot plants

Innovations for challenging industries translated into unique scale-specific solutions for your process technology – realize the future with Zeton and take your process technology to market sooner.