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Zeton takes your cutting edge innovations to the next level.

Undertaking a project with a partner who can help you gain advantage and an early lead towards commercialization has huge rewards in any technology sector, particularly where new markets are unfolding.

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“It was a pleasure working with Chris Brown and Zeton on Air Company’s first CO2 to Ethanol pilot plant. Chris designed the entire plant from the bottom up, and then we sweated the details together during factory testing to resolve all issues for this first-of-a-kind process. This successful pilot plant project has significantly shortened the timeline for Air Company to commercialize its innovative CO2 utilisation technology”

Dr. Stafford Sheehan, CTO



CO2 utilisation routes and applications may take several paths, from mineralisation, chemical and biological conversion and direct utilisation. In many applications hydrogen is a requirement, generated through electrolysis – Zeton’s past experience completing over 800 projects offers significant value to processes such as synthetic natural gas with the goal of feeding this to the grid, CO2 to fuels and CO2 to chemicals.

Zeton has a full suite of engineered solutions to custom pilot plants, lab scale systems, demonstration plants, production plants and process scale-ups serving a range of industries – from design to manufacture, delivery to start-up. Our fully automated solutions are thoroughly factory tested in our workshops before being delivered, ready to run with complete documentation and we can work with you for ongoing operational and scale-up support.

Zeton is well-versed in a number of emerging markets, including CO2 utilisation – by applying our traditional technologies design and manufacture expertise, experience and “engineered thinking” we can bring your cutting edge innovations to the next level with confidence and ultimately, success.  We are proud to serve a range of clients across many industries, from multinational corporations to niche technology developers, some of which are among the most challenging in today’s technologies. Zeton has delivered projects for customers in the emerging CO2 utilisation field including:

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Pilot Plants

Demonstration Plants



Zeton offers design, build and delivery solutions to pilot plant, demonstration scale projects and lab scale systems anywhere from our world-class workshops with an integrated approach to project management, affording you minimal impact to your time and site. Zeton can provide a total solution transforming CO2 utilisation and electricity to a final product and has completed CO2 utilisation projects such as:

  • Syngas Dry Reforming Pilot Plant
  • Biogas to Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) Demonstration Plant
  • Novel CO2 to Ethanol Pilot Plant
  • CO2 Electrolyzer Pilot Unit

Take your innovations to market sooner by working with an expert in translating process technology into pilot plant and lab system solutions. Realize the future of your unique CO2 utilisation developments.