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Zeton’s team of experts can translate your process technology into a scale-appropriate, fully functioning laboratory scale system, pilot plant, demonstration plant or production plant to take your innovation one step closer to commercialization.

With over 1000 completed projects delivered to satisfied customers around the world, we can help you bridge the gap between ideas and success.

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“We can state that Zeton did an excellent job. Without our decision for Zeton we would not have been so far with our development.”




Read some commonly asked questions about Zeton, our services, and how we design and build custom pilot plants and more.

Where is Zeton located?

Zeton was founded in Burlington, Ontario, Canada in 1986 and currently serves customers world-wide from our three state-of-the-art facilities in Oakville, ON, Canada; and Enschede, The Netherlands.

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What types of projects does Zeton work on?

Zeton provides custom solutions to scale-up your process technology and we work with a wide range of customers – from niche technology holders to large multinational companies. We offer a full suite of services to design, build and deliver projects including:

We also offer Control System Upgrades, engineering services for Process Development and Scale-Up and Site Services.

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What industries does Zeton serve?

As the world-leader in fully scalable process technology solutions, Zeton is proud to serve a broad variety of technology industries – from traditional to emerging. Industries that Zeton has served include:

Does Zeton own, develop or provide process technology?

Zeton is a technology-neutral company and we do not own or actively develop process intellectual property. We take a benign intellectual property position that does not compete with or otherwise compromise our customers and their process technology innovations.

Our customers own the specific process technology used in the plants we design and build for their project (or license the technology from others) and their proprietary technology is protected by non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements. Any process technology improvement or innovation that is developed through a project belongs to our customer.

Zeton’s employees are regularly briefed on the importance of protecting the intellectual property of our customers, before, during and after a project has been completed.

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Can Zeton provide site services?

Yes! Following the arrival of your plant’s modules at your site, Zeton offers the services of our engineers and craft technicians well-versed in site requirements for site installation and start-up support on a reimbursable cost basis. We also offer ongoing technical support to help you meet your objectives and programs after your plant is up and running.

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Who handles the outside battery limits (OSBL) scope?

Site development (OSBL) work not included in the modular design and fabrication (ISBL) of your plant is completed by a third-party engineering contractor from Zeton’s partner network, or by your own in-house resources.

Zeton’s customers have the option of proceeding in one of two ways:

  • Either the customer manages the OSBL scope of work, selecting their preferred OSBL contractor or assigning their own in-house engineering and construction team, or;
  • Zeton can provide site development assistance, offered with a partner from our proven engineering contractor network. Our partners understand the site requirements specific to the installation of pilot plants, demonstration plants and modular production plants. This option can prove very successful for customers for whom it may not be feasible to manage the OSBL portion of their project.

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What codes and standards does Zeton follow?

Zeton is committed to safe working practices and bringing leading expertise to our customers. Please click here to see a current list of external accreditations, codes and standards followed by Zeton.

What software does Zeton use for drafting/CAD?

Zeton creates a comprehensive model of larger pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular commercial plant projects showing the structural steel and major process equipment. We use:

  • AutoCAD from Autodesk for process flow diagrams and piping and instrumentation diagram development;
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D from Autodesk for 3D plant (skid structure, equipment layout and process piping) design.
  • Inventor

Is Zeton registered with the International Standards Organization (ISO)?

Yes! Quality assurance is a vital part of Zeton’s company values and structure. Zeton has ISO 9001 accreditation with SGS in Canada and with DNV in The Netherlands.

Our staff work diligently to maintain external quality accreditation that supports our ongoing business and license to operate.

Can Zeton fabricate American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) vessels?

Yes! Zeton’s Canadian operation is an authorized manufacture of ASME pressure vessels, and we regularly fabricate small to medium pipe vessels requiring ASME certification.

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