Advantages of Zeton


Why Choose Zeton?

In today’s competitive industries getting your process technology to market quickly, safely and cost-efficiently allows you to gain key advantages over your competitors in commercialization. From pilot plants to modular systems and more – Zeton’s unique and fully scalable solutions allow our customers to bring even the most challenging process development innovations to market early with confidence.


As industry leaders, we offer incomparable value with the highest quality products and services to our customers and their projects. Combine your process technology with award-winning skills and experience – choose Zeton.

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Zeton’s Customer Promise

  • Whether you’re working with Zeton to complete a laboratory scale system, pilot plant, modular system, scale up process or other project – our commitment-defining customer promise is the same.
  • Our focus for each project includes five key elements which define our commitment – our promise – to our customers.
  • These five key elements are: Safety, IP Protection, Quality, Schedule and Value.
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On-Schedule Projects

  • Zeton has developed a unique scale-specific fast-track project execution process. Working with one company allows you to finish your project with simplified communication and clear accountabilities.
  • Detailed design, procurement and fabrication can be executed in parallel, compressing the project’s schedule and allowing you to take the lead in market time.
  • Our in-house extensive factory testing speeds up site commissioning and start-up.
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Commitment to Safety

  • Zeton brings our experience with high pressure reactions and our extensive knowledge of local codes and standards to our customers. Our craft technicians receive regular training on safe working practices and our health and safety coordinators make safety our top priority.
  • Our engineers work closely with customers to ensure all plants Zeton designs and builds are safe to operate both in Zeton’s shop and at your site.
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Intellectual Property Protection

  • Zeton does not own, develop or license process technology and has a clear intellectual property position. The intellectual property of our customers is protected by NDA/CDA agreements both during and after your project.
  • Any innovations or improvements made during a project are assigned to the customer owning the process technology to which they relate.
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  • The skill and superior workmanship of Zeton’s craft technicians is renown throughout our industry and we utilize select industry-proven hardware and software solutions.
  • Small or large, each project we undertake is executed in strict accordance with Zeton’s ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program.
  • Our world-class integrated design-build facilities in Canada and The Netherlands are state-of-the-art and provide our customers improved efficiency, with minimized cost and scheduling risk.
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  • Zeton’s experience in scale-specific design, project execution, fabrication and factory testing affords our customers enhanced value and productivity on a fixed-price lump-sum basis.
  • Gain appropriate documentation, training and QA/QC, and streamlined project organization through a single point of contact and adopt demonstrated equipment functionality following Factory Acceptance Testing.
  • Zeton designs are crafted for flexibility to meet changing requirements, equipment skid-mounted for operational ease and maintenance, and all factory testing and training is performed before shipment to our worldwide customers.

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With over 30 years’ experience and more than 1000 successfully completed projects, Zeton has an earned reputation as a leader in designing and building innovative solutions to translate our customers’ process technology into fully automated working plants. We take pride in our history of solving our customers’ technology development challenges by providing unique solutions combining creativity and innovation.

Offering customized equipment, control and instrumentation, our fully scalable solutions to lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and modular production plants are tailored to the needs and specific requirements of each unique customer we serve. With integrated design-build Zeton customers can review standard practices and seize opportunities to change and take advantage of standardized plant module layouts wherever possible.

As an employee-owned company, Zeton’s expert team is dedicated to excellence and complete customer satisfaction throughout every project. Our commitment to customer projects, vertically integrated manufacturing operations and fast-track project execution methodology have helped set us apart and propelled our customers to success across even the most niche process developments.

Take your process technology to market with a foundation of success from the start.