Oil & Gas

Zeton has significant experience designing and building pilot plants and process development plants that simulate industrial oil and gas refinery systems.

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Advancing your polymer process technology can be done safely and with maximum cost-efficiency by partnering with Zeton.

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With over 30 years’ extensive experience, Zeton has a deep understanding of the chemical industry and the needs of its technology developers.

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Gas to Liquids/Synfuels

Take your synthetic fuel process technology to market safely, on budget and ahead of competitors. Zeton’s team is here to clear the path to commercialization.

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Zeton has over 30 years’ experience in the design and fabrication of bioenergy/biofuels pilot plants, lab scale systems, demonstration and modular process plants.

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Zeton’s experience and expertise in lab and bench scale continuous pilot plants used with hazardous and/or flammable chemicals, pharma/biotech projects, process control and quality control give you the ability to safely fast-track your pharma/biotech project.

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Continuous Processing / Flow Chemistry

With over 800 projects completed since 1986, Zeton has significant experience in converting batch processes to continuous, and in realizing flow chemistry projects.

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Our team of experts offer high quality designs and construction for specialized projects in the hydrometallurgical segment of the mining industry.

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Fine Chemicals

With scale-specific solutions for chemical processing plants or scale up of chemical processes, Zeton proudly serves a range of clients in the fine chemicals industry, from niche technology developers to multinational corporations.

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CO2 Utilisation

Zeton’s past experience completing over 800 projects offers significant value to processes such as CO2 to synthetic natural gas, CO2 to fuels and CO2 to chemicals.

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Sustainable Chemistry

Our experience, knowledge and neutral-technology stance can cut your time to market for sustainable chemistry processes without compromising your technology, budget or quality.

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Process Intensification

Zeton’s team of engineers and project methodology work to seamlessly translate novel process technologies in process intensification, microreactor technology and nuclear industry into fully scalable plants and processing systems.

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Zeton’s completed projects have spanned applications such as microporous membrane filtration, pervaporation, electrocoagulation, wet air oxidation, CFC absorption and more.

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