Successfully advancing technology in the pharma/biotech industry.

Being early-to-market allows pharmaceutical and biotech industry technologies to maximize the benefits of their processes and product development strategies.

Zeton gets you there faster with a customized modular solution or with ContiUnity®, our standardized Smart Modules platform for continuous manufacturing.


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“I want to say the work that you all did at Zeton was excellent, and I am very happy about where we are today.”




Zeton has clean bay facilities in both Canada and The Netherlands, which are dedicated to the assembly of high purity, stainless steel and higher alloy pharma/biotech systems and sanitary process systems, as well as other select high purity industries like electronic chemicals/semi-conductor and nuclear industry applications.

Zeton is proud to be ISO 9001 certified, and maintains this certification by applying, and adhering to, a robust quality management system. In addition, Zeton is experienced in sanitary/hygienic systems design, and the more stringent cGMP quality requirements demanded by the pharmaceutical, biotech and life science industries. We are comfortable designing and building pilot plants destined for installation in a GMP manufacturing environment, in accordance with current good manufacturing practices.

Zeton has in-house piping design and autogenous orbital welding capabilities for sanitary tubing systems, as well as ASME qualified inspectors and quality assurance personnel to ensure Zeton’s high quality expectations (and those of our customers) are met.

With our vertically integrated operations, Zeton has the capabilities to manage your project lifecycle from concept to reality, including early-stage URS development assistance and preliminary engineering, design specification, procurement, mechanical and electrical fabrication, controls configuration and integration, factory acceptance testing, documentation, packaging and shipping to site, along with installation assistance as required.

Zeton has proudly served a range of worldwide customers within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, from niche technology developers to multinational corporations. Some of the pharma/biotech customers we have worked with include:

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Lab Scale Systems

Pilot Plants

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Zeton’s experience and expertise in lab and bench scale continuous pilot plants used with hazardous and/or flammable chemicals, pharma/biotech projects, process control and quality control give you the ability to safely fast-track your pharma/biotech project.  Specializing in the design and fabrication of custom-engineered products, many incorporating sanitary / hygienic system design, Zeton’s plants are built for both batch and continuous processes and integrate process analytical technologies to allow you accurate control of your process, potentially with a smaller plant footprint.

Having designed, procured, manufactured and delivered over 800 successful projects to technology customers worldwide, Zeton’s proven approach translates your fundamental process into a fully automated, safe, working pilot plant. Pharma/biotech industry technology projects completed by Zeton include:

  • Design and build of a food-grade fermentation and recovery pilot plant facility
  • Continuous steam sterilization system for a fermentation pilot plant
  • Design of vitamin feed additives pilot plant
  • Engineering services for SFE food additive plant
  • Flexible multi-purpose process intensification
  • Food additive production facility
  • Modular API continuous plant design
  • Multi-purpose flow reactor pilot plant
  • Pharmaceutical intermediates small scale plant
  • Plug & Play automated feed modules for Process Intensified technologies
  • Steam sterilization unit for blood serum production
  • Sterilization unit for growth hormone production
  • Supercritical extraction pilot plant design
  • Tetanus fermenter production facility upgrade
  • Multi-purpose portable solvent dosing skid for pharmaceutical kilo lab

With fully scalable solutions to accelerate your innovations and a complete suite of engineering, design and fabrication services for the pharma/biotech industry, Zeton can help you get your technology to market on time, on budget and ahead of competitors.