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Prepare to take your innovations to the next level.

Piloting new technologies in the chemical industry brings challenges that are often unique. With over 30 years’ extensive experience in the process development, design, manufacture and scale-up of chemical processes, Zeton has a deep understanding of the chemical industry and the needs of its technology developers.

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“We can state that Zeton did an excellent job. Without our decision for Zeton we would not have been so far with our development.”

(Evonik Industries AG, Germany)



Zeton has delivered pilot plants for chemical industry clients used for a range of scales – from catalyst testing and process development research to testing new processes or products at an industrial scale, proving industrial equipment works as predicted prior to scale-up to commercial-level production.  Safety and a streamlined process are key components of our full-stack design-build services and our unique project methodology seamlessly blends our team of experts with yours, while keeping your project moving on track and on budget.

Our technology neutral position offers our clients peace of mind as they prepare to take their innovations to the next level.  Zeton’s chemical industry expertise and scale-specific solutions allow us to work with a range of clients, from niche technology providers to multi-national corporations; whatever the scale, our determination to provide you with success is the same. Zeton has proudly served customers in the chemical industry with chemical processing plants, solutions for the scale up of chemical processes and more, including:

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Pilot Plants

Lab Scale Systems

Demonstration Plants

Production Plants



Often working with processes involving hazardous or corrosive chemicals, Zeton has successfully completed and delivered lab scale systems, pilot plant and demonstration plant solutions to chemical industry customers with an extensive range of diverse technologies including:

  • Amine CSTR pilot reactor package
  • Alkoxylation pilot plants
  • Bulk chemicals
  • Catalyst test unit
  • Dehydrogenation
  • Dioctyl phthalate pilot plant
  • Distillation units
  • Epi-Kote grease
  • Ethylbenzene dehydrogenation (EBD)
  • Fluorine modular production plant
  • Vinyl chloride pilot plant
  • Evaporation units
  • Glue testing unit (study)
  • High purity electronic chemicals
  • Hydrogen peroxides
  • Micro-reactor units
  • POSM demonstration plant
  • Propylene oxide pilot plant

With an expert team to support you and unique scale-specific solutions for your chemical process technology and scale up chemical process needs, there’s no need to wait to take your technology to market. Realize the future with Zeton.