Zeton Company Culture in Design and Build of Modular Systems


Zeton’s expert partner network will help take your process technology to market.

Combining our in-house expertise, knowledge and streamlined project methodology with the best technology partners to match your project’s specific requirements, Zeton can deliver any modular system that meets or even exceeds your needs.

Thanks to Zeton adopting a neutral position and not owning or developing process technology, our customers gain advantage from our unrestricted ability to work with technology partners and access the highest quality products and workmanship. Your intellectual property is protected during and after your project’s completion and any innovations or improvements made to your process technology through the project’s development are assigned to you as the owner of the related technology.



  • W.R. Grace & Co.
    Supplying Davison Circulating Riser (DCR) pilot units and CMI/CPS units
  • Kayser Technology, Inc. (KTI)
    Process control and electrical systems design and supporting services for KTI’s lab-scale FCC catalyst testing units incorporating Advanced Cracking Evaluation (ACE) Technology®
  • Chemical Design, Inc. (CDI)
    A leader in applying innovative gas/liquid adsorption techniques to separation and purification applications

Zeton also has cooperation agreements with select engineer and consulting organizations, including:

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