Decarbonizing critical industries at scale with Electric Hydrogen

June 4, 2024

Empowering leaders in the energy transition, Electric Hydrogen unlocks low cost, reliable green hydrogen production for its customers to achieve its mission of decarbonizing critical industries – such as fertilizer, plastics, steel, transportation, and logistics – at scale. Their approach hinges on delivering a fully integrated 100MW Electrolyzer Plant, designed for deployment to reduce total project and production costs of green hydrogen. The company’s first 100MW Electrolyzer Plant will be shipped to a customer site in TX this summer.

In San Jose, CA, Electric Hydrogen is operating a 10MW Plant that mirrors the same process flow design and skid-modularized approach as their 100MW Electrolyzer Plant. This is a stark contrast to how chemical plants are design today – stick-build and plagued with construction overruns. Due to the skid-modularization by Zeton, the time from delivery of first skid module to San Jose to a commissioned plant was <5 months.

Common real-world project requirements like the spatial limitations of the plant’s location required iterative adjustments to the layout, striking a delicate balance between operational efficiency and accessibility. Amidst tight construction timelines, the convergence of a demanding schedule and intricate complexities within the supply chain necessitated adaptive strategies. Impressively, Zeton managed to expedite the construction process, resulting in a significant reduction in design to shipment process. Notably, Electric Hydrogen’s initially challenging schedule was not only met but surpassed, with the plant being dispatched by the end of August 2023.

Collaboration stands as the cornerstone of both Electric Hydrogen and Zeton’s trajectory. The successes achieved are a testament to the collaborative efforts of a diverse array of stakeholders and seasoned project engineers. This collaborative synergy enhances their capacity for innovation and effective problem-solving.

“Zeton was a fantastic partner who provided both the engineering assistance and the manufacturing capabilities required to complete this project within a modified urban space, all while remaining flexible for our unique needs,” said Christopher May, Electric Hydrogen’s project manager.

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