Advantages of Zeton


Discover what it means to be a part of Zeton’s world-leading expert team.

A Canadian company founded in 1986, with operating divisions in Canada and The Netherlands, Zeton has grown to become the largest designer and building of pilot plants in the world. Zeton endeavours to be the first choice for our customers when they are looking for a partner to help them take their innovations and process technology to the next level.

The leader in designing and fabricating laboratory scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and modular production plants, Zeton offers our employees a rewarding career in a world-class team. We believe our team’s unique combination of expertise in process scale-up, can-do attitudes and customer-centric thinking form an integral part of our customers’ past and continued success.



As an employee-owned company our employees’ goals are aligned with the success of our customers and we each have a vested interest in striving to ensure our customers are completely satisfied on every project.

We recognize and value the agility, creativity, accountability and integrity of each of our team members

Zeton aims to continue creating and developing an organization whose focus is to achieve the highest quality of service and products in process technology markets, delivering satisfying results to our customers.  We achieve this by:

  • Being the premiere provider of custom modular plants, to new and repeat customers.
  • Turning our customers’ concepts and innovations into reality.
  • Consistently delivering world-class projects as an employee-owned company.

We rely on a principled company leadership based on honesty, forthrightness and authenticity. We apply these leadership strategies with:

  • Ethics & Actions
    We are trustworthy, lead by example and act decisively to achieve successful results.
  • Job Performance & Fairness
    Zeton gives our employees the latitude to do their job, ensures they have the right skills needed to succeed, provides clear performance expectations and reviews job performance annually (or more). All our employees are treated equally and with respect.
  • Communication & Feedback
    We listen with an open mind, recognize staff for their achievements and provide regular updates and feedback. We believe that the opinions of others are valuable and our leaders are open to new and different ideas – even if they are challenging.

Being Part of the Zeton Team

With over 350 employees serving global customers from four state-of-the-art facilities in Canada and The Netherlands, Zeton is over 90% employee owned. We believe that our employees and therefore company (and customers) benefit from our company culture, attitude and structure, including profit sharing, which are among the reasons we have many long-time employees and an incredibly low turnover. Being part of the Zeton team means that we commit to the following:

  • We focus on the customer
    Zeton cannot exist without our customers – we aim to exceed expectations wherever possible.
  • We deliver on commitments
    The reputation we have been earning since 1986 is instrumental to our pride and success.
  • We accept responsibility
    As an employee-owned company we are all accountable to each other as well as our customers.
  • We pay attention to detail
    Sweating the small stuff is part of what we do, and it is important to the success of our projects.
  • We don’t compromise safety
    Our employees are family and we take our commitment to their safety and security very seriously.
  • We are respectful in all our interactions
    Everyone brings beneficial perspective, unique talents and valued skills to our team.
  • We aren’t afraid to try new things
    Helping our customers commercialize their new technology means we’re often trying something for the first time. Creative solutions are often vital to success.
  • We make smart informed decisions
    Getting things right the first time and efficiency are paramount.
  • We strive for continued improvement
    Looking for new means of efficiency, safety and creative solutions as well as our ISO 9001 quality assurance program are important to us.


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