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Take the lead and get your technology to market sooner.

Advancing your polymer process technology can be done safely and with maximum cost-efficiency by partnering with Zeton. Combining your leading process with our expertise and technology-neutral position can allow you to take the lead in competitive industry and get your technology to market sooner.

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“… I’d like to express my thanks to Zeton project engineer Paul Martin. His resourcefulness and engineering abilities are evident throughout the unit …”

(S.C. Johnson, USA)



Since the early 1990’s Zeton has helped customers in the polymers industry commercialize their technology through the design and manufacture of lab scale plants, pilot plants and demonstration plants using our creative design-build solutions and standout project methodology.

With a wide range of experience in polymeric technology projects Zeton brings significant experience and expert know-how. From polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC to acrylic co-polymers, polyurethane, polycarbonate and ethylene-styrene interpolymers – our extensive understanding includes process relating to slurry, solution, emulsion, plug flow and gas phase reaction technologies in batch or continuous reactors ranging in size from 0.1L to larger reactors producing upwards of 100kg/hr of polymer products.

Whether for end users or market testing, development quantities of new polymer products can also be produced.  Whether your niche technology is on a small or multinational level, we look forward to working with you to bring your process technology to life. Zeton has proudly served satisfied customers in the polymers industry with our pilot plants and scale-up solutions including:

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Pilot Plants

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Zeton has successfully delivered lab scale, pilot plant and demonstration plant solutions to customers requiring polymerization plants across a wide range of diverse technologies including:

  • Active heat balance calorimeter
  • Calorimeter batch polymerization test plant
  • Catalyst sampling glove box
  • Continuous solution phase PE double loop PP unit
  • Continuous coating manufacturing system
  • Emulsion polymers
  • Ethylene styrene interpolymer
  • Gasphase PE polymerization (CTSR and fluidized bed technologies)
  • HDPE high pressure emulsion plant
  • Large multi-reactor polystyrene (PS) plant
  • PE/PP (CSTR/Loop) semi-works plant
  • Polycarbonates (PC)
  • Polyolefins catalyst test unit
  • Polyurethanes
  • Portable batch polymer catalyst testing
  • PP plant design resins
  • PP plant with GPR
  • PVC semi-works plant, plus monomer recovery
  • Rheometric viscosity unit
  • Slurry phase PE (loop reactor)
  • Solution/slurry phase PE polymerization
  • Syndiotactic polystyrene
  • Synthetic rubbers

Fully scalable solutions to drive your innovations forward, backed by an extensive suite of engineering, design and manufacture services for the polymers industry – Zeton can help you today, by getting your technology to market tomorrow.