Sustainable Chemistry Process Technology Solutions from Zeton


Cut your time to market without compromising your technology, budget or quality.

Emerging markets such as green and sustainable chemistry often demand new non-traditional process technology and being the first in commercialization can have a huge impact on the overall success of your innovative process.

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“We are very satisfied with our current collaboration with Zeton as they were able to follow the YXY process development very closely during implementation …”

(Avantium Chemicals B.V., The Netherlands)



Zeton is a world leader in designing, building and delivering laboratory scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and modular process plants. Our experience, knowledge and neutral-technology stance can cut your time to market without compromising your technology, budget or quality. Zeton has completed over 800 process technology plant projects around the world and assisted customers in overcoming engineering and scale-up challenges associated with their novel technology, including sustainable chemistry processes.

Our team of engineers and craft technicians work carefully to understand the unique needs and challenges your process technology has in order to translate those requirements into a fully functional modern plant. We often work closely with our customers during the early stages of a project

to provide process engineering development, problem-solving solutions and in-depth functionality insights – often drawing on our extensive experience working with chemical and fine chemical industry projects.

We offer our design-build expertise and fully scalable solutions to serve a multitude of customers and their specific needs – from niche technology developers to multinational corporations and all in between. Sustainable chemistry industry clients proudly served by Zeton include:

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Lab Scale Systems

Pilot Plants

Demonstration Plants

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Zeton’s modular design and fabrication services offer a diverse range of solutions for complete processing plants – regardless of the industry or application, we deliver each project using the finest quality workmanship, the latest hardware and software and the highest safety standards. Our completed projects in sustainable chemistry process technology have included:

  • Green chemistry demonstration plant for a traditional refinery application
  • Biomonomer recovery pilot plant for green chemistry process
  • Product purification and recovery sections of a biobutanol demonstration facility
  • Lab scale oxidation/reduction reaction systems for green chemistry research
  • YXY pilot plant for PEF production using green chemistry process
  • Preliminary and basic engineering studies for green chemistry processes

Get your sustainable chemistry process technology ahead in the commercial market by working with Zeton. Our team of experts and full-stack solutions can help you realize the future with a foundation of success.