H2nanO Mobile Water Treatment Pilot Plant Delivered by Zeton

May 12, 2020


Zeton recently delivered a cutting-edge, renewable energy, industrial wastewater treatment pilot plant module to H2nanO of Kitchener, ON. This innovative new process harnesses solar energy to treat contaminated water effectively and at a low cost.  At the heart of this process is a proprietary and patented sunlight-activated treatment developed and produced by H2nanO at their facilities in Kitchener and Toronto, ON.  The pilot plant module fabricated by Zeton included the processing, upgrading and process control equipment to enable on-site water treatment.

Zeton, working collaboratively with H2nanO’s Lead Process Engineer Brad Wilson, P.Eng., was able to help H2nanO achieve one of the key project goals: to fit the pilot plant into a mobile platform for quick and easy transport to and from client sites. The pilot plant module was designed and installed in an easy to transport shipping container. Another key goal was to provide a plug-and-play interface within the container to install a custom designed and fabricated treatment material processing unit after site deployment. The end result of this was skilful equipment selection and layout, as well as thoughtful pipe and controls routing.

Brad Wilson: “Our ideal operational window is governed by regional solar conditions and so our proposed delivery timeline was very tight and inflexible.  Zeton’s integrated engineering and manufacturing expertise allowed us to streamline the detailed design and fabrication process, mitigate schedule risks and deliver the pilot plant within the projected timeline – allowing us to have boots on the ground in time to demonstrate our technology during the peak solar season. Zeton’s craftsmanship was exceptional and led directly to a short and effective commissioning process, allowing us to achieve on-stream performance less than a week after accepting delivery.”

Zac Young, COO: “Zeton was the ideal project partner from start to finish. Their expertise in pilot plant design is evident from engineering design to knowledge of best practices in deploying novel technology. Working with the Zeton team was a pleasure and elevated our capabilities to deliver an exceptional product to our customers. Their unique skillset is helping to bring built-in-Canada innovations to life.”