Zoomers run into heavy traffic at the Al Reid Hockey Tournament

January 19, 2017

In their opening game of the perennial Al Reid Hockey Tournament the Zeton Zoomers crashed into stiff competition from the automotive industry as Collee Automotive accelerated past the Zoomers scoring 8 unanswered goals. Ouch! With Friday’s loss in the rear view mirror and feeling slightly deflated, the Zoomers battled its demons with Lennie Bristow, Shawn Michaud, and Gerry Serratore (a.k.a. “Janine’s Dad) freezing out the Burlington Dirty Devils in a 3-0, game-2 victory, assisted in no small part by the Dirty Devils’ goal tender being a little “the worse for wear”.

Zeton’s spirits were high entering the third match on Saturday afternoon against another competitor from the auto industry. Unfortunately Millers Auto Recycling used nifty stick work to disassemble the Zoomers, scrapping any hope of Zeton advancing to the final championship game on Sunday morning. Coach Adam Whalley dismissed the loss, focusing on the team’s comradery, “A year older, and a year wiser! The team is really starting to gel now and with some small adjustments to our strategy I think we have a real shot at making the finals again next year.”