Congratulations to Chris Brown on his Retirement

March 5, 2019


On March 5, 2019, the staff at Zeton in Burlington held a celebratory lunch to honour the retirement of Chris Brown, VP Engineering, one of the seven founding employees of Zeton Inc.

From the Company’s inception in February 1986, Chris’ uniquely creative designs for small fixed bed reactors, pumps with remote check valves for high temperature slurry service, ebullated bed reactors, fluidized beds, lock hopper feeding systems and automated sampling systems, among others, proved key in solving difficult technical challenges for Zeton’s customers. This naturally led to more projects, and happy customers, establishing Chris as a world expert in pilot plant design, and Zeton as the global leader in its industry.

In recognition of Chris’ special talents, he was awarded the Petrobras Inventor of the Year prize for 2014 for the invention of a non-mechanical biomass feed valve for the Gasification Pilot Plant project. The awards are given to Petrobras employees and partners whose past inventions led to successful patent applications by Petrobras.

To Chris and Moira, all the very best for a long and happy retirement from your friends at Zeton in Canada and The Netherlands.