Zeton is extremely proud of our accomplishments and reputation as the leader in lab scale system, pilot plant, demonstration plant and production plant design and fabrication.  As a company that seeks continual improvement, we invite comments from our customers on a regular basis.  Learn more about Zeton by hearing what our customers have to say:

  1. Project manager at a large synfuels producing company: "Zeton once again handled our projects in a very professional manner and I am pleased with the results obtained."
  2. R&D department manager at an European oil refinery: "We are very contented with the performance of the pilot plants and the professional cooperation from Zeton."
  3. "ACE clients are definitely benefiting from the KTI and Zeton alliance. Zeton's recent expansion in Burlington has made completion of ACE Products easier and more efficient. The conversion of ACE products to modern control systems by Zeton's controls and electronics personnel has improved overall system performance." John Kayser, President of Kayser Technology, Inc.
  4. Feedback from the project manager of a multinational oil company, "The Zeton team delivered the complex pilot plant units according to a tight timeframe required to meet our company's research requirements.  The quality of engineering and construction was very good and the integrated team approach worked well to develop a deep understanding of our company's requirements and specifications.  Zeton has met our expectations for safety, quality, and delivery with these projects.  This program has established a strong foundation for future projects between our company and Zeton, several of which are currently in the planning phases."
  5. Thank you message from a project manager of a large multinational energy company following completion of a large engineering project. "Zeton is a company made up of individuals that present themselves in a very professional manner in their project work execution, very organized in all activities, client support, quality of work presented to client, ownership of work, schedule driven tasks, thinking out of the box to achieve scheduled dates and other excellent qualities."
  6. Letter from a polymer plant customer. "In particular, I'd like to express my thanks to Paul Martin as the [Zeton] project engineer.  His resourcefulness and engineering abilities are evident throughout the unit.  He contrived some truly unique solutions for some tough obstacles, all the while still maintaining a high degree of emphasis on safety to our processing requirements.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with Zeton on future projects."
  7. Letter from a Canadian solar panel manufacturer. "Zeton exceeded expectations in meeting schedule demands and re-specifying hardware to meet schedule. Not only do I look forward to future projects with Zeton, but would highly recommend them as well."
  8. Letter from Canadian mining company upon completion of manufacturing of a large demonstration scale modular plant. "We are all aware how important the completion of the VBN Demo Plant Project is to [end user], and the critical path on our project is the 222 /224 modules. The last module leaves Burlington for [destination] on Monday Aug 29, 2005. Who would of thought this would of been possible in January when we were planning the construction of these modules? I believe the projected completion date then was about mid October. Today, these modules are being shipped about 6 weeks ahead of that original schedule. A truly remarkable feat. The quality of construction of these modules is also world class. This accomplishment is the direct result of a very hard working and dedicated core team that worked day after day on the construction of these modules."
  9. Project manager at an international oil & gas company working with lab scale systems: "We are very satisfied with the units themselves and the good collaboration we have had with the Zeton team throughout the project. We attest to your expert knowledge, willingness to satisfy and to the high quality of your delivery to us."
  10. Project manager at a Middle East international oil company:"We want to mention that we appreciated the professionalism and the high level of competency of the Zeton staff during the Site Acceptance Tests. We appreciated the collaboration with Zeton during the development of this project and we hope to maintain this relationship."
  11. Project manager of a large chemical demonstration plant: "Zeton is an excellent partner for such a project."
  12. Chemical process engineer at an European contract research company: "The overall project was completed successfully, satisfactorily meeting all requirements."
  13. According to a multi-national European chemical company, the results obtained from the pilot plant have met their expectations completely: "We can state that Zeton did an excellent job. Without our decision for Zeton we would not have been so far with our development."
  14. Project manager of a large hydroprocessing demonstration plant: "Many thanks to the Zeton team for your hospitality during my visit for the FAT for the OUP this week. The team's approach to assist to get any of my issues or questions resolved was greatly appreciated as well your willingness to assist where and as required. As we discussed I am very impressed with the Zeton work on the skids and the manufacturing team have done an excellent job, with the skids very neat and tidy, including good piping, equipment layout and installation. Again, the manufacturing team were more than happy to help with any of my questions on skid and it was a pleasure to work with your group."
  15. Bioenergy initiatives manager for an R&D institute: "I just wanted to officially thank you for the wonderful job you did on the small solids feeder we are using in our MBU pilot plant. This feeder works very well and has enabled us to run for many days on end with shut down and start up at the beginning and end of the day. This has enabled us to verify that the process works as planned and the catalyst is stable over a 5 day period."
  16. Project coordinator at a multinational chemical company: "I would like to personally thank all of the Zeton staff that participated in making this a successful project. The quality of Zeton employees and workmanship speak for themselves. Quality people and products that consistently meet or exceed the customers’ expectations. These benchmarks are what we look for in a supplier and a major factor in our company being a repeat Zeton customer."