lab scale systems

Production Plants

Zeton applies its modular process plant design-build methodology and know-how to a variety of applications, including

  • Small-volume specialty chemical production units
  • Flow chemistry/continuous pharmaceutical plants
  • Plants for producing market development quantities of new materials for established markets
  • Pre-built modular process plants to replace or augment existing facilities where space is an important consideration

Modular fabrication can make economic sense for small commercial units where feedstock supply is only available in a remote location, or is only available or required in limited quantities. Biomass-to-ethanol and waste oils-to-biodiesel plants are processes which typically favor modular plant construction. Commercial specialty chemical and pharmaceutical plants can also fit into this scale, especially when they support continuous processing or batch-wise processing of small product quantities.

"We started our collaboration with Zeton with a well-advanced design concept; nevertheless Zeton was able to simplify and reduce costs even further."

(Solvay, Germany)