Site Services

Engineering Services

As part of its flexible approach to projects, Zeton offers site development assistance for its modular plants. This consists of infrastructure design, cost estimation, and on-site development services.

This service is offered together with a partner from Zeton’s proven engineering contractor network. Zeton’s network partners understand site requirements specific to the installation of pilot, demonstration, and modular production plants.

The Zeton/client team matches the needs of the project with the capabilities of an engineering partner from Zeton’s network and makes a selection. Together the three parties navigate site specific infrastructure design challenges and develop tangible solutions during the front end engineering or basic engineering design.

Clients are involved every step of the way as Zeton and its partner generate cost estimates for the modular design and fabrication (ISBL) and site development (OSBL) work. Zeton streamlines the project by leading the front-end, basic engineering phase and subcontracting to the site engineering partner.

Zeton’s clients can expect the following benefits of this scale-specific approach to providing site engineering services:

  • Establishes trust – A strong working relationship between all parties is formed, creating a foundational groundwork to work through project challenges and deliver a quality project.
  • Simplified project management – Single point of contact to ensure efficient communication for OSBL/ISBL integration, freeing clients to focus on their technology and business concerns.
  • Expedited project schedule – Schedules are minimized through improved communication and scale appropriate designs.
  • Cost control – Costs are minimized as a result of applying the appropriate design for the scale of the pilot, demonstration, or modular production plant for both the OSBL and ISBL sections.

Installation & Start-up Services

Once the plant has been shipped to the client’s site, Zeton provides the following services:

  • Installation & start-up support
  • Ongoing maintenance support

"We would like to thank the project team at Zeton for their dedication during the engineering, procurement and fabrication of the demonstration plant, which was key to successful delivery and commissioning at site"

(CompactGTL, Brazil)