Process Development Assistance

Process Development Assistance

Zeton offers early stage process consulting assistance as a way of delivering additional value and supporting our client’s process development needs.

The goal is to convert initial process concepts into viable designs that can be used as the basis to design and build a pilot or demonstration plant. First, Zeton's engineers develop a clear understanding of the process and key scale-up issues. One of our experienced process engineers is matched to the application and also, if required, one (or more) expert consultants can be brought in from our extensive network who specialize in specific process development areas. Zeton’s process development team, working collaboratively with our client’s process team to understand their distinct process goals, provides process engineering development, scale-specific design and fabrication insight, solutions to scale-up issues, project management, and cost estimation services.

This process development activity lays the foundation for Zeton to launch into its unique project execution methodology, starting with basic engineering as the next step. A major benefit of this approach is that our client maintains ownership of all intellectual property, and by tapping the technical depth and experience of world-renowned specialists in their respective fields, the probability of a successful pilot or demonstration plant program is increased significantly.

Let’s start the conversation so you can get connected with the right resources. Please contact Zeton to speak with one of our process engineering, business development professionals.

"Zeton was instrumental in helping Woodland Biofuels scope its technology to a scale and capability that would be sufficient for future commercial work."

(Doug Grey, VP of Engineering, Construction and Project Implemenation at Woodland Biofuels)