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Zeton specializes in the supply of lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular production plants using modular fabrication. Process modules are engineered and fabricated at our company’s two state-of-the-art, integrated design-build facilities in Burlington, ON, Canada and Enschede, The Netherlands. They can be shipped virtually anywhere in the world for field installation.

Modular fabrication benefits our customers in a number of ways. By taking advantage of the higher efficiencies and quality gained by constructing plants in a shop facility, and by minimizing the field work normally associated with site construction, potential delays caused by inclement weather and labour shortages and disputes are eliminated. In addition, local labour costs are significantly reduced, along with the impact of construction activities at the customer’s site. These are important considerations when the project site is located within an operating plant, or at a remote location.

Selecting a single company (Zeton) for the modular design-build phase allows for more stringent quality control, shorter project schedules and reduced costs. Another advantage of modular construction is that various aspects of the project—such as site permitting, civil work and infrastructure modifications —can be accomplished concurrently with the completion of the process modules in Zeton’s facility, thereby compressing the overall project schedule.

The main benefits of Zeton’s modular design-build approach are:

  1. Zeton completes the detailed design and fabrication of the process modules at the same location. This provides a high degree of control over plant cost, quality and delivery schedule. Our facilities in Burlington, ON, Canada and Enschede, The Netherlands each consist of an engineering design office and a purpose-built modular fabrication shop. This results in a more efficient approach to modular plant projects, and one stop shopping for our customers.
  2. Zeton has developed a fast-track project execution methodology for pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular production plants, where detailed design, procurement, fabrication and factory testing are completed in parallel to accelerate the overall project schedule.
  3. Since 1986, Zeton has delivered over 750 projects in 45 countries across six continents on a lump sum, fixed price basis. This helps to control our customer’s costs, and minimizes the risk and uncertainty associated with cost overruns. This approach compares favourably to completing detail design and outdoor, site construction on a reimbursable, time-and-material basis, and eliminates the risks associated with interruptions from inclement weather, and productivity and labour disputes.
  4. As a single source supplier of modular plants, Zeton takes total responsibility for each step in the project - basic engineering, detailed design, procurement, mechanical and electrical fabrication, control system configuration and factory testing. For our customers, this eliminates problems or questions associated with quality, functionality and indeterminate responsibility, which often occur when different parties are responsible for the design and fabrication of the plant.
  5. Zeton’s experience and capability ranges from single module, turnkey lab scale systems to multi-modular small commercial plants. For large, multi-modular plant projects, Zeton can supply skid modules with dimensions up to 14 ft. deep x 12 ft. high x 65 ft. long.
  6. Zeton is often able to incorporate customer changes as they happen during a project. This allows our customer’s R&D efforts to continue while Zeton is designing and fabricating the plant. Zeton’s flexible, disciplined and integrated approach enables the project to continue moving forward, towards completion, while implementing the desired process changes.
  7. Zeton can design and fabricate modular plants to meet specific customer standards and preferences, including preferred suppliers, thereby providing a plant with components that are familiar to our customer’s operators and maintenance personnel.
  8. Zeton applies its expertise in scale-appropriate solutions for pilot plants and demonstration plants to reduce the project cost and schedule for our customers, and to promote reliable operation and easier maintenance of the plant.
  9. Zeton’s integrated design-build approach saves time and money for our customers by eliminating unnecessary internal coordination paperwork and documentation that would otherwise be required if engineering and fabrication were completed by different organizations. In effect, Zeton’s highly efficient approach to modular plant design and fabrication reduces the detailed design documentation that is required to deliver complete process modules. Furthermore, manufacturing supervision by Zeton’s project engineers minimizes errors and rework, and results in a high quality plant that meets or exceeds our customer’s requirements.