ACE R+ and ACE D100 Units in Production

Lab scale Systems

Zeton understands the critical importance of lab scale systems in process development. Dedicated manufacturing bays in Enschede and Burlington facilitate the fabrication of smaller systems. And our unique proven approach to designing and building lab scale systems ensures that completed projects meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements.

Microreactor and small, laboratory-scale systems for catalyst testing can be designed and built with fixed bed, fluidized bed and/or CSTR reaction modules. From single to multi-reactor configurations, Zeton’s custom-designed small scale plant systems have been built to handle catalyst loadings of less than one gram as well as fractionation/recycle and integrated analytical capability.

Fully automated with customers’ preferred software, our bench top and skid mounted plants are delivered ready to run with complete engineering and operational documentation.

"It was great doing the Reformer project with Zeton. The quality and marksman ship of this unit is of the highest standard."

(Sasol Technology, South Africa)