Zeton Distillation Systems


Fractional distillation systems are amongst the most common unit operations employed at the lab, pilot, demonstration and production scales. Zeton has over 30 years’ experience providing batch and continuous mode fractionation distillation systems to many different industries, including specialty chemicals, refining, petrochemicals, oil & gas, environmental, pharma/biopharma and bioenergy. A wide variety of materials of construction are available to suit the application including carbon steel, stainless steel, glass, Hastelloy and Inconel.

Fully modular and scalable in nature, each distillation system can be automated with the latest in control system technology. They can be provided as standalone units, or integrated into a complete process plant to facilitate product separation and the continuous recycle of unreacted feeds.

In addition to fractional distillation systems, Zeton has also provided absorption, stripping, solvent extraction, membrane separation and adsorption mass transfer systems.

"Zeton’s knowledge, experience and true partnership are the components that made our distillation plant project a success."

(Huntsman, The Netherlands)