creating quality and value

Creating exceptional value is an essential ingredient in today’s business environment. Zeton is the industry leader because of our ability to provide value for money as a provider of lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants and small modular production plants.

Zeton’s customers realize quality and value that includes:

  • Enhanced productivity, reduced schedule and superior workmanship
  • Obtaining appropriate documentation, training and QA/QC
  • Streamlined project organization and communications through single point of contact
  • Demonstrated equipment functionality following FAT
  • Design-build on a fixed-price, lump-sum basis, reducing the risk of project overruns

The experience of our engineers and craft technicians, the reliability of our sub-suppliers, and the process technology know-how of our customers create the foundation for the value-added principles Zeton brings to each project:

Integrated Design-Build

  • Review standard practices and seize the opportunity for change
  • Wherever possible, use standardized plant module layouts
  • Skid-mount equipment for ease of operation and maintenance
  • Design for flexibility in making process revisions to meet changing requirements
  • Complete factory testing and training before shipment

Control and Monitoring

  • Select industry-proven hardware and software solutions
  • Configuring each product to customer-specific requirements
  • Where possible, utilize status as a certified system integrator for Emerson Delta V, Eurotherm solutions and Honeywell Experion


  • Draw on our experience with high pressure reactions
  • Utilize our knowledge of local codes and standards