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Pilot vs. Commercial Plant - Part 2

October 27, 2017

Author: Adam Whalley

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Pilot and commercial plants come from different places in terms of design specifications. Pilot plants tend to focus more on flexibility and data collection, while commercial plants focus on consistency and maximal utilization value. In this article, I will look at two examples...

Challenges in Relief Design for Pilot Plants

July 5, 2017

Author: Michael Trainor

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Relief system design at the pilot scale presents unique challenges that don’t always apply at the commercial scale.

This article will touch on these issues and provide guidance on how to deal with them.

Commercial equipment and most pilot-scale equipment are designed to ASME VIII Div. 1. The equipment will almost always require certified relief valves for overpressure protection. However...

Choosing Materials of Construction for Pilot Plant Equipment and Piping

April 4, 2017

Author: Paul Martin

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If you are in new process territory and corrosion service is a known risk, you cannot trust the charts or the experts. A corrosion metallurgist needs to know more about the composition and other conditions of each stream than you likely know at the outset of a pilot plant design project in order...

Choosing the Design Point for Pilot Plant Equipment

March 20, 2017

Author: Paul Martin

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For an established process, choosing the temperature and pressure ratings of equipment is a relatively straightforward exercise. However, choosing the maximum operating pressure and temperature combination for major pieces of equipment in a pilot plant is much more...