June 6, 2023

Zeton was recently involved in the engineering and construction of the pilot plant for the COZMOS project for Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation (Tüpraş).

COZMOS is an EU-funded project that aims to provide breakthrough technology for the conversion of CO2 to C3 fuels and chemical building blocks. This will be achieved through the cooperative development, demonstration and exploitation of innovative catalyst and process technologies that will overcome the thermodynamic limitations inherent in the use of CO2 as a sustainable source for these value-added products.

The COZMOS technology will decrease CO2 emissions by 1.9 tons CO2 for every ton of C3 product produced, with expected reductions in CO2 emissions of 0.4 Mtons CO2/yr in 2030 and 2.2 Mtons CO2/year from 2034. COZMOS technology will be designed to provide a flexible solution adaptable to local requirements and different industries.

The project is part of a larger EU-funded initiative aimed at promoting sustainable energy and material solutions, reducing carbon emissions, utilizing CO2 as feedstock for valuable chemicals and synthetic fuels, using resources in a more sustainable and efficient way, and addressing the European energy challenges of today and the future.

The pilot plant, designed and built by Zeton, has reached Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 5, a critical stage in the development of new technologies to be proven to work in a controlled environment and be ready for demonstration in a real-world setting.

The pilot plant was designed as a complex system with fully integrated GC, a mixed gas compressor and a furnace including air cooling for regeneration and with the processing units integrated into the existing facility.

The COZMOS pilot plant project was a major achievement for Zeton and Tüpraş to set a standard for future projects in the energy and petrochemical industries. The CO2 to valuable chemicals at TRL5 demonstrates the commitment of the partners of the COZMOS project to sustainable energy and material solutions, reducing carbon emissions and addressing Europe’s energy challenges.

Ersen Ertaş, R&D Tribe Lead, Tüpraş, “The start-up of the pilot plant is an important milestone within the scope of the EU-funded COZMOS project and completed with expertise and collaboration of Zeton. Development of novel technologies for utilization of carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals and e-fuels is one of the building blocks of sustainable society that is also aligning with the net zero strategy of Tüpraş.