Zeton Delivers Modular Pilot Plant to BASF

November 6, 2019


Zeton recently delivered a five-module pilot plant to BASF in Freeport, Texas. This project was executed on an accelerated 33 week schedule, having originally been projected at 43 weeks. The project was originally contracted between Zeton’s European operation, Zeton B.V., and BASF’s German Operation in Ludwigshafen. However, early in the project life the final destination was changed to Freeport and the execution plan was shifted from Zeton B.V. in Enschede, NL to Zeton Inc. in Burlington, ON.

As a consequence, project management and communications for this project in the early stages involved project teams in multiple countries and time zones; Zeton B.V. (Enschede, NL), BASF-LU (Ludwigshafen, DE), Zeton Inc. (Burlington, ON), BASF-H (Freeport, TX), as well as BASF’s site engineering contractor ICA-F (Mexico City, MX). Commenting on the communication challenges and project management philosophy for a globally based team, Zeton Inc.’s Senior Project Manager John Onesi, P.Eng., PMP: “When dealing with multiple teams across many locales it becomes important to have strong project controls, communication plans and robust documentation management plans in place for the project. The handling of these types of virtual teams also requires consideration for document sharing platforms like SharePoint™, interfacing tools like WEBEX™ as well as other means to communicate remotely, such as FaceTime™. Zeton employs all these tools so that diverse customer teams and their clients and contractors can be fully engaged in the project life cycle.”