Zeton Delivers its First Pilot Plant to Tüpraş in Turkey

May 12, 2020


Zeton has delivered projects to more than 45 different countries from our offices in Canada and the Netherlands. This year, Zeton delivered its second pilot plant to Turkey, and our first to Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corporation (Tüpraş), which is Turkey’s largest industrial enterprise with four refineries having a total of 30 million tons of crude oil processing capacity per annum. Tüpraş founded its own R&D center in 2010, and then built the R&D campus including R&D laboratories and a pilot plant building in 2014, all located within the Izmit Refinery.

Tüpraş R&D collaborated with Zeton for the design, construction and start-up of the new pilot plant, which is equipped with a distributed control system (DCS). The pilot plant is located at the R&D pilot plant building and is used for the hydroprocessing of several different feed stocks. The combination of Tüpraş R&D’s requirements, Zeton’s experience and the use of state-of-the-art unit operations and equipment, resulted in a highly versatile pilot plant. Different kinds of catalyst systems can be tested across a wide range of operating conditions to obtain valuable process data for R&D and refinery-related projects to improve and optimize Tüpraş’ hydroprocessing processes.

A team experts from Zeton, who specifically focus on small scale projects, and from Tüpraş R&D, who specialize in pilot plant operation and testing, managed the corresponding studies during the project. The collaboration between Tüpraş’ project team and Zeton’s project team ensured synergy and efficiency, and resulted in a well-executed project.

Following this collaboration, Zeton is looking forward to further expanding this experience with more innovative projects in Turkey.

ERSEN ERTAŞ, R&D Manager: “Zeton’s expertise and professional approach enabled the execution of a timely and successful pilot plant project.”