Case Study – Control System Upgrade: KTI

April 20, 2009

Case Study - Control System Upgrade: KTI

While Zeton’s dedicated control system groups often provide solutions for control system requirements for customers completing new pilot plant projects, Zeton also welcomes requests from customers who want to upgrade control systems in pilot plant projects built by Zeton or other manufacturers.

Project: ACE Model R+, ACE Model SD100-2 and ACE Model D100 for Kayser Technology, Inc.

When our customer Dr. John Kayser requested the now obsolete Azonix control hardware on the ACE Technology® product line from Kayser Technology, Inc. be replaced with a state-of-the-art supported hardware platform, Zeton recommended and subsequently implemented the Honeywell HC900 Hybrid Controller in combination with Proficy – iFIX software from GE Fanuc.

ACE Technology® products from Kayser Technology, Inc. are used worldwide by customers across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and South America. Kayser Technology, Inc. and Zeton collaborated to deliver completed units with new upgraded control system configurations.

Project: Large control system upgrade to convert control system infrastructure across multiple platforms

Upon initial investigation it was found that the research facility customer had several obsolete PC-based control systems and no common structure for data collection. A recommendation and decision were made to convert the control system infrastructure to the latest generation Emerson DeltaV control system and rebuild the entire operation and data collection system.

In both of these cases Zeton’s scope was to recommend an appropriate mitigation path for control hardware and software, to design and build electrical interface cabinets housing the I/O hardware and to configure the control system hardware and the HMI software for the specific operating needs of the respective pilot plants while retaining (and in some cases expanding) all functionality. The projects described here are just a few examples of control system upgrade services we provide.

Zeton Upgrading Control System

Zeton’s in-house dedicated control system groups and engineers are proficient with many commercially available control systems. While we are experienced working with many different control systems, we are not bound by any one manufacturer, which allows us to offer the most suitable control system solution for our customer’s needs.

“The conversion of ACE products to modern control systems by Zeton’s controls and electronics personnel has improved overall system performance.”
– Kayser Technology, Inc., USA

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