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Working with Zeton

For over 30 years, Zeton has been the leader in the design and fabrication of lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants, and modular process plants. Our unparalleled experience and expertise create exceptional value for our customers. With fully customized products and services, Zeton provides unique solutions in the most challenging of process development niches - innovation through to early market development.

Zeton is an employee-owned company structured around an integrated design-build philosophy, and proven project execution approach built on safety, efficiency and flexibility. Our employees deliver high quality products and services, tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements. Our customers benefit from working with one company, from start to finish, with simplified communication and clear accountabilities. 

Zeton’s engineering strength, capabilities and experience related to lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants, and small modular commercial plants are one of the keys to our delivering successful projects. Zeton’s engineering capabilities include multi-disciplined process, project, mechanical, control and electrical engineers.

We build flexibility into the delivery of lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plant, and modular process plants to ensure alignment of our process with the needs and requirements of our customers. To deliver successful projects, we apply our skill and expertise in engineering, procurement, and modular fabrication together with our specialist knowledge of process and project engineering on the small to medium scale. The result: Zeton’s customers Realize The Future of their process technologies - faster, with less risk and lower cost.