Why Zeton?

Zeton is committed to meeting the needs of our customers with the highest quality products and services. We do so with an award-winning combination of skills, experience and core competencies, with customer satisfaction as our overriding goal. The reasons why customers choose to work with Zeton are:

Zeton’s Experience

Zeton has over 30 years’ experience in designing and building pilot plants, with over 750 completed projects. Our customers benefit from Zeton’s specialized, scale-specific knowledge and expertise, and our success in applying the principles of value engineering to simplify the design and lower the capital cost. Since 1986, Zeton has earned a reputation as the leader in our industry through working with many repeat customers.

Zeton’s Modular Design-Build Approach

Zeton designs and builds lab scale systems, pilot plants, demonstration plants, and small modular production plants using modular fabrication. We are committed to meeting our customer’s project schedule, with our vertically integrated manufacturing operation, and our fast-track project execution methodology. Site commissioning and start-up are accelerated due to extensive factory testing in Zeton’s shop.

Zeton’s IP Position

Zeton has a very clear intellectual property position. As a company, we do not own, develop or license process technology. Our customers’ intellectual property is protected by NDA/CDA agreements, both during and after the project.