Sample Projects

Zeton has provided lab scale plants, pilot plants and demonstration plants to customers in the synfuels and alternative energy/GTL industries representing the following diverse technologies:

  • Auto Thermal Reformer pilot plant
  • Bitumen / coal slurry upgrader
  • Coal gasification plant
  • Coal liquefaction / heavy oil co-processor
  • Coal pyrolysis pilot plant
  • Delayed coking pilot plant
  • Demo scale FT system
  • F.T. micro-reactor unit 
  • Fast switching micro-reactor for transient analysis
  • Fischer-Tropsch plant
  • Fixed-bed, CTSR and Berty reactor for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  • Fixed-bed unit for steady-state isotopic transient analysis
  • Fuel cell feed reformer plants
  • GTL demonstration plants
  • High pressure fixed-bed unit for steady-state isotopic transient analysis
  • Multi-BBL / day FT product upgraders
  • Syngas to MeOH plant (design)