Customer References

Zeton’s satisfied customers in the synfuels and alternative energy/GTL industry range from niche technology providers to multinational corporations.  A small sampling of our extensive list of pilot plant customers is listed below:

Company Country
Canadian Energy Developments Canada
Chevron Research U.S.A.
Chevron Texaco U.S.A.
CompactGTL U.K.
Dakota Gasification U.S.A.
Delft University of Technology The Netherlands
Eindhoven University of Technology The Netherlands
Energy International U.S.A.
Eniricerche Italy
Institute of Coal Chemistry China
Integrated Energy Canada
Marathon Oil Company U.S.A.
Nuvera Fuel Cells U.S.A.
Pennsylvania State University U.S.A.
Petrobras Brazil
Rentech USA. 
RISO National Laboratory Denmark
Sasol Technology South Africa
Shell The Netherlands, Malaysia
Syntroleum  U.S.A.
Technical University of Malaysia Malaysia
Texaco U.S.A
Western Oil Sands Canada