Customer References

Zeton’s satisfied customers in the polymers industry range from niche technology providers to multinational corporations. A small sampling of our extensive list of pilot plant customers is listed below:

Company Country
AkzoSalt & Basic Chemicals The Netherlands
Aristech Chemical U.S.A.
Basell  Germany
Braskem Brazil
BRICI P.R. China
BSL Germany
Chevron Chemical U.S.A.
Dow Benelux Belgium
Dow Benelux The Netherlands
Dow Chemical Canada
Dow Chemical U.S.A.
Dupont  Canada
Eastman Chemical U.S.A.
Exxon Chemical U.S.A.
Fina Oil & Chemical U.S.A.
Fina Research Belgium
GE Plastics Spain
GE Plastics The Netherlands
Grace Germany
Grupo Primex Mexico
Hercules U.S.A.
ICI  The Netherlands
Intevep Venezuela
Kemira Agro Services Belgium
MIPPT Canada
Mitsubishi Chemical Japan
Nalco Canada
NOVA Chemicals Canada
OPP Brazil
Productos Quimicos Del Mediterra Spain
S.C. Johnson Polymer  The Netherlands
S.C. Johnson Polymer  U.S.A.
SABIC Saudi Arabia
Sasol Technology South Africa
Targor Germany