Zeton helps our pharma/biotech customers to reap maximum benefit from their process/product development strategies by being early-to-market. Our proven approach to pilot plant, demonstration plant and lab scale plant projects, and our unique, modular plant-based project methodology, significantly reduces overall development time for Pharma and Biotech processes.

Flow Chemistry - Changing from Batch to Continuous

Pharma/Biotech plants are built for both batch and continuous processes. Integration of process intensification technologies allows for more accurate control of the process and a smaller plant footprint.  Zeton’s experience in lab scale continuous pilot plants used with hazardous chemicals in explosion proof environments, combined with pharmaceutical project experience in cGMP design and build, quality assurance and control, is an excellent fit with our customers’ fast track project requirements in this industry sector.

"I want to say the work that you all did at Zeton was excellent,
and I am very happy about where we are today."

(Solae, LLC, USA)