Zeton - Kayser Technology Alliance

Since 1996, Kayser Technology, Inc. (KTI) has been the leading provider of Advanced Cracking Evaluation (ACE) Technology® pilot plant equipment used to improve commercial petroleum and chemical operations throughout the world. Since their introduction, state-of-the-art ACE products have dominated the market for lab-scale FCC catalyst testing and are now considered the industry standard for laboratory scale measurements pertinent to the FCC process.

The Family of ACE Products

The various laboratories that study the FCC process often have different data requirements. ACE products cover the range of measurements with several systems for catalytic cracking, catalyst deactivation and custom purposes.

Zeton and KTI

Kayser Technology, Inc. (KTI) and Zeton have formed an alliance wherein Zeton provides process control and electrical system design and support services to KTI for Advanced Cracking Evaluation (ACE) Technology® through Zeton’s operations in Canada and The Netherlands. In addition to Zeton’s preferred systems integrator role on the current ACE Technology® units, the alliance will enable commercialization of several innovative KTI products to meet the evolving needs of FCC catalyst researchers worldwide.