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60 million litres/year biodiesel plant for BIOX Corporation


  • Zeton uses AutoCAD from Autodesk for PFD and P&ID development, and AutoPLANT from Bentley and AutoCAD Plant 3D from Autodesk for 3D plant (skid structure, equipment layout and process piping) design. Zeton also has experience with PDMS software for plant design from AVEVA. Zeton uses EPLAN for electrical design.
  • Zeton is a technology neutral company by design. As such, we take a benign intellectual property (IP) position so as not to compete with our customers. Our customers own the specific process technology used in our plants, or license the technology from others. Furthermore, Zeton does not own or actively develop process IP. Any process technology or innovation that is developed through a project belongs to our customer. Furthermore, our customers’ proprietary technology is covered by a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. Our employees are regularly briefed on the importance of protecting our clients’ IP, not just during a project, but also long after the project is finished.
  • Following arrival of the plant module(s) on site, Zeton offers the services of our engineers and craft technicians for site installation and start-up support on a reimbursable cost basis.
  • The OSBL scope of work is completed by a third party engineering contractor, or by the client’s own in-house resources. Zeton’s clients have the option of proceeding in one of two ways. In one option the client manages the OSBL scope of work, selecting its preferred OSBL contractor or assigning its own in-house engineering and construction team.

    The second option, recognizing that it may not be feasible for the client to manage the OSBL work, involves Zeton providing site development assistance. This service is offered together with a partner from Zeton’s proven engineering contractor network. Zeton’s partners understand the site requirements specific to the installation of pilot, demonstration, and modular production plants. See the following link to learn more about Zeton’s site services offering: Site Services
  • Zeton’s Canadian operation is an authorized manufacturer of ASME pressure vessels, and we frequently fabricate small-to-medium pipe vessels requiring ASME certification.
  • To see a list of current codes and standards followed at Zeton please see our External Accreditations.
  • Quality Assurance is an essential part of our business. Zeton has ISO 9001:2015 accreditation with SGS in Canada, and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation with DNV in The Netherlands. Our staff work hard to maintain external quality accreditation that support our ongoing business and license to operate.