Zeton Distillation Systems



Zeton has experience of designing and building Distillation Systems and Mass Transfer Systems for many different technologies and across many industries. Example projects include:

  • Absorption tower module for VOC removal
  • Acid gas scrubbing systems
  • Adsorption systems for feedstock purification and contaminant removal
  • Ammonia stripper system
  • Crude oil distillation pilot plant with desalter
  • Distillation systems for electronic and fine chemicals separation
  • Ethanol purification in cellulosic ethanol demonstration plant
  • Feed preparation units for hydrotreating pilot plants
  • Fractionation pilot plant
  • Hazardous duty distillation pilot plant
  • Membrane separation units in a variety of services
  • Monomer recovery in polymer service
  • Pervaporation pilot unit
  • Product distillation system for electronic chemicals plant
  • Product fractionation for bio-oil hydrotreater pilot plant
  • Product fractionation for propylene oxide pilot plant
  • Product separation (gasoline, diesel, jet fuel) for GTL pilot plants