Zeton Distillation Systems


Case Studies

Customer: Huntsman

Project: Hazardous Duty Distillation Pilot Plant

Project Description:
Early in the conceptual design stage of the project, engineers from Huntsman and Zeton came together for “white board” technical discussions. These preliminary discussions grew into a joint cooperation effort, and a highly innovative plant design for an inherently hazardous process.

The specific project involved a large scale modular plant with several separation columns. This downstream processing section had to be connected and integrated into an existing, outdoor pilot plant at an industrial site. As a consequence, both industry and site standards, and ATEX classification requirements, applied to this project. Zeton’s designers worked closely with our customer’s personnel to make the optimal selection between these requirements, the scale-specific needs of the process equipment, and the implicit requirements of a high hazard plant.

This rigorous set of requirements and conditions demanded, at the very least, a well thought out project organization. Both project managers at Huntsman and Zeton worked hard on teaming up the right people at an early stage to ensure a solid foundation for the project. The team spirit developed between the project teams ensured a clear focus on the end goal, and on the important process and safety design elements of the project.

While led by Zeton, Huntsman’s engineers were closely involved in the evaluation and selection of specific equipment, instruments and process solutions. In several cases, Huntsman’s team accompanied Zeton’s engineers for key supplier discussions and company visits. This joint approach ensured successful implementation of Zeton’s scale-specific designs, and supported the decision to deviate from Huntsman’s corporate standards in certain cases where safer and more practical alternatives were identified.

To eliminate and reduce the risk of misalignment at site – a key requirement for Huntsman – the process modules were fully assembled and tested in Zeton’s high bay construction shop in their natural arrangement and orientation. The AC and DC electrical cabinets were installed in a separate non-ATEX rated container, to be located in a safe area in close proximity to the plant. Zeton’s in-house expertise and knowhow of the Emerson DeltaVTM control system ensured an efficient and timely implementation of the extended control system for the pilot plant. It allowed for a more comprehensive factory test in Zeton’s shop, and facilitated the smooth integration of the pilot plant into the existing site infrastructure.

Furthermore, the assembly of the complete pilot plant within a single, vertical skid module simplified disassembly, transport and reassembly at site. As shown in the picture, only a stairtower module and the single process module had to be transported. Electrical, process and utility hook-ups were completed quickly, with minimal interference to existing commercial operations at site.

As a company that dares to think differently, Zeton is proud to have been chosen by Huntsman to design and build this important pilot plant, where only a narrow window was available to match the process, site and the safety requirements. Teaming up early was the key factor in successfully completing this novel, state-of-the-art, modular pilot plant project.

Customer Quote

Project Manager Seger van Dam: “As the project manager for this project, I can say that to manage and deliver a pilot plant to the Huntsman business together with an experienced company like Zeton makes for a project that everyone can be proud of. Zeton is the company to realize pilot plants -- their knowledge, experience and true partnership are the components that made this project successful for Huntsman.”