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lab scale systems

lab scale systems

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Case Studies

Customer: Rentech, Inc.

Project: Product Demonstration Unit (PDU)

Project Description:

The Rentech Process is a patented and proprietary technology that converts synthesis gas into hydrocarbon liquids that can be processed and upgraded into ultra clean synthetic jet and diesel fuels. Rentech chose Zeton to design and build the (Fischer-Tropsch) Reaction and (Hydroprocessing) Product Upgrading sections of its Product Demonstration Unit (PDU) in Commerce City, Colorado.

Led by Zeton project manager Leisl Dukhedin-Lalla, Basic Engineering on the Product Upgrading section began in Q4 2005. Approval to proceed into Detailed Design, Procurement and Fabrication was received in Q1 2006, with the first of the 14 plant modules completed by Zeton in Q4 2006. Staged module shipment for the Product Upgrading and Reaction sections continued through the first half of 2007. The two largest process modules measured 12 ft wide by 12 ft deep by 65 ft and 55 ft tall respectively, for a combined height of 120 ft upon reassembly on site.

The PDU facility is designed to produce approximately 420 gallons per day (10 bbl/d) of synthetic jet and diesel fuels. It demonstrates the successful design, construction and operation of a fully-integrated synthetic fuels facility utilizing the Rentech Process, including the conversion of the synthesis gas in the Rentech reactor into clean hydrocarbons, and the processing and upgrading of the hydrocarbons into ultra-clean synthetic fuels using UOP hydrocracking and hydrotreating technologies. Furthermore, the source of the synthesis gas feed to the PDU was a coal gasifier (built by others), thus demonstrating a complete coal-to-clean liquid fuels process.

On Aug 7, 2008, Rentech, Inc. announced that they had successfully produced synthetic fuels in the PDU. In 2010, a commercial flight flew on a blend of RenJet fuel from the facility and conventional Jet-A. As of May 2011, the facility had produced more than 40,000 gallons of bio-based jet fuels. Congratulations to Rentech's Synthetic Fuels & Chemicals Facility Team, and to the Rentech and Zeton project teams, on achieving these major milestones.

Customer Quote: “Rentech could not have accomplished its goal of being the only operating synthetic fuels facility in the US without [Zeton’s] efforts.” Julie Dawoodjee, Director of Investor Relations, Rentech, Inc.