Customer References

Zeton’s satisfied customers in the environmental industry range from niche technology providers to multinational corporations.  A small sampling of our extensive list of pilot plant customers is listed below:

Company Country
Akzo Salt and Basic Chemicals The Netherlands
Bayer Belgium
Cormetec U.S.A.
CRI Catalyst Company U.S.A.
Cummins Engine U.S.A.
Delft University of Technology The Netherlands
Dept. of Energy at Batelle Northwest Lab U.S.A.
Dow Chemical Canada
Enpar Canada
Halozone Technologies Canada
ICI Holland The Netherlands
Marsulex U.S.A.
Johnson Matthey U.K.
Johnson Matthey U.S.A.
Norit The Netherlands
Petro Sep Membrane Technologies Canada
Rhone Poulenc France
Rhone Poulenc U.S.A.
Solvay Deutschland Germany
Wastewater Technology Centre Canada