Customers trust Zeton to bring their complex process technologies to market, efficiently and cost effectively. Zeton offers distinct advantages in the design and fabrication of pilot plants, demonstration plants, small scale commercial plants and modular process plants.

  • State-of-the-art, world-class integrated design-build facilities in Burlington and Enschede provide improved efficiency and minimized cost and scheduling risk for our customers.
  • Zeton's engineers optimize each design to permit safe operator access to equipment, and efficient process equipment layout within the available footprint. We look for ways to reduce capital cost, while ensuring we meet any international shipping requirements for the finished plant modules.
  • Zeton has developed a unique, scale-specific fast-track project execution approach. For example, we execute detailed design, procurement and fabrication in parallel to compress the overall project schedule.
  • Zeton aims to provide custom plants and project flexibility, all while working within our customers' specifications and timelines.
  • Pilot plants demand a scale-specific approach to design, specification, project execution, fabrication and factory testing – methodology that Zeton has developed and implemented.
  • Zeton has an extraordinarily high staff retention rate. Our multi-discipline engineers and craft technicians have unrivalled knowledge and skill in their field to compliment the know-how and experience of our customers.
  • The significant contribution made by Zeton's health and safety coordinators is just one example of Zeton's commitment to making safety our top priority. Zeton's craft technicians receive regular training on safe working practices and, through close cooperation with our customers during the design-build phase of a project, our engineers work diligently to ensure the plants we build are safe to operate, both in Zeton's shop and at our customer's site.
  • The skill and workmanship of Zeton's craft technicians is renowned throughout our industry. Each project is executed in strict accordance with Zeton's ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance program, regardless of its size.
  • Zeton is a private, independent operating company. We do not own, develop or license process technology, and we maintain a technology-neutral position. Any innovations or improvements made during a project are assigned to the customer owning the process technology to which they relate.
  • To meet schedule commitments, and to protect key customer intellectual property (IP), Zeton maintains the flexibility to complete work in-house or to use our trusted network of experienced, pre-qualified suppliers.
  • Zeton has a history of providing unique solutions that combine creativity and innovation to solve our customers' technology development challenges.
  • Zeton effectively serves our worldwide customers through two easily accessible locations in Enschede, The Netherlands, and Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
  • Zeton is an employee-owned company. As owners in the company, Zeton employees have a vested interest to ensure our customers' complete satisfaction on every project.